Kevin, Chef

‘’I have been here at Baycroft for two months as a chef.

It is a really nice place to work.

The kitchen team are great to work with and the carers are welcoming, kind and very hard working.

It is a great environment and it is nice to use fresh ingredients for meals and desserts.’’

Galina, Laundry Assistant

‘’My name is Galina and I work in the laundry as an assistant.

I have worked in care for twelve years as a care assistant and wanted to try something different.

I came to Baycroft Fairfield in January this year and my first impressions was that it looked like a posh hotel.

The staff and management are wonderful and very kind to me and I love it here.

I enjoy my daily chats with the residents.

I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else; I am very happy here.’’


Leigh, Home Administrator

‘’My name is Leigh and I am the new Home Administrator at Fairfield.

I have worked in Admin for 7 years now, having worked mostly in the wine industry so a care home is a big change!

I have really enjoyed my first few weeks, getting to know the lovely staff and residents and looking forward to new challenge.’’


Ciprian, Care assistant

'’My name is Ciprian and I have been at Baycroft Fairfield for only four weeks.

I met this lovely team who have supported me to accommodate very quickly.

Staff initiated with the resident’s routine and individual needs. I enjoy working here, it is a lovely, relaxed environment.

And I definitely made the right decision to except the care vacancy.’’


Joanna, Care assistant

‘’My name is Joanna and I have been in the care industry since 2013 as a domiciliary carer.

I learnt a lot dealing with doctors, hospitals, family members and councils.

I joined Baycroft Fairfield in May 2022 and really love all of the residents, with whom I have a good relationship with.

The staff are great, which is a big bonus and we work as a team very well.’’


Sandy, Care assistant

''My name is Sandy and I am a care assistant at Baycroft Fairfield,I have been here since March 2022.

Before coming to Fairfield I worked at Baycroft Kempston from 2019 until 2021 then went and had a little break doing some admin work.

I chose to come back because I missed doing care work.

I love my job and having a sense of achievement knowing I have done everything I could to make the residents happy and well cared for.''


Nichola, Activities coordinator

Employed since September 2021.

Nichola has worked in the care industry for ten years.

She has spent time caring in the community and in care homes.

She finally found that activities coordinator suited her best by being creative, even though she found her role as a carer very rewarding.

'‘I joined the team at Baycroft Fairfield in September 2021. It has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Apart from the outstanding décor, on arrival the staff were lovely and work well as a team.

I take pride in making the residents happy. If I organise an event the staff are often keen to join in and engage with myself and the residents.

It makes for a very pleasant atmosphere.''

Melanie, Care assistant

Employed since 5th April 2022.

Melanie has been working in care for thirty-two years. Her journey in care has taught her many things and she finds it very rewarding.

‘'I like getting to know about the residents likes and dislikes and providing them with individual care.

I have learnt that being in a care home is their home now. I like to make their time as special as I can.

I came to Baycroft on the 5th April and have had all the support I need to feel part of the team.

Baycroft has a lovely atmosphere and very welcoming to new members of staff.

I feel that care is of a high standard and the food is to ahigh level.

The spa room and the cinema are amazing for the residents.

I have made the right decision to come here and love it.''


Rhonda Gardner, Receptionist

“Hi my name is Rhonda and I am one of the receptionists at Baycroft Fairfield.

I have worked in the care sector for just over seven years now.

I love my job as a receptionist here at Baycroft as I get to be the first face you see when you come through the doors.

I enjoy chatting away to our visitors and its lovely that I am able to spend time with our residents that like to come out into the bistro for their morning coffee!”


Layla Newman, Care Assistant

Employed since 5th July 2021.

This is Layla’s first job since leaving school.

She enjoys working at Baycroft Fairfield as everyone here is nice and gets along with each other, the residents are happy and it feels like a family.


George Wallace, Care Assistant

Started 10.08.2021

George has been working in care for 9 years as both a carer and a senior care assistant.

He likes working at Baycroft Fairfield as he feels really supported and there is excellent team work Staff get to spend time with the residents and nothing is ever too much trouble for any of the staff to do.  The team here do not do this job just because it is a job, they do it because they care and they all have a good knowledge of what they are doing.

There are high hygiene and infection control standards in the home and everyone takes infection control really seriously, he feels safe here.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly and all the residents are extremely happy and well respected.


Sri Kamalaraj Care Assistant

Employed since 18.11.2019.

This is Sri’s job in the UK, she is a registered nurse in India.

She enjoys working at Baycroft Fairfield as there is good teamwork and she enjoys making the residents happy.  Everyone here is always smiling.