Sept 2018: Financial and Legal Seminar – Wednesday 10th October


Financial and Legal Seminar

for guidance from an independant care fees specialist and lawyer

Wednesday 10th October
6pm – 7.30pm
Baycroft Grays Farm Road
Orpington BR5 3AD

With Andrew Dixon-Smith, Care Fees Adviser from Eldercare Solutions
Victoria Turner, Senior Lawyer from Clarkson Wright & Jakes Ltd.

Main topics that will be covered during the seminar include:

Financial Adviser 
~ What happened to the Care Act?
~ How do I/we fund the cost of care fees as a self-funder?
~ Can I/we afford care and what would be the cost long term?
~ What happens if I/we run out of money?
~ Will I/we be able to leave an Inheritance and can I/we mitigate against Inheritance Tax?
~ Is there help available to sell our property?

~ Why are Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and up to date Wills so important?
~ What if I have an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)?
~ Why is Health & Welfare Power of Attorney important?
~ How is Capacity determined?

Get in touch with Lesley via email by clicking here or on 020 8821 4557 to confirm your attendance.