Nov 2018: The importance of visiting a care home

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The process of deciding to move into permanent care can be a worrying time. Here, Baycroft’s Lesley Loizou talks about how to navigate it, and the best way to make sure your decision is well informed.


What tends to worry a potential resident, or their family, about the move

Often people have a preconception of an institutional environment, where people are robbed of their independence.

In some instances this can even go as far as a mandatory timetable of mealtimes, bedtimes, and wake ups, with no personal choice involved. That is usually the greatest fear. At Baycroft we have structured ourselves to allow our residents to be as independent as possible at the same time as being reassured of their safety with us.

From entertaining visitors on their own terms, to keeping up their favourite pastimes; we don’t want anyone to feel stripped of their independence.

Can prospective residents speak to staff, or meet residents, before they arrive?

Absolutely. We very much encourage anyone to come and visit us.

As well as being shown around we can also discuss any particular needs. Our ethos is very much person-centred, and we tailor everything to an individual from the first point of contact. For example, should a prospective resident be shy or perhaps nervous of the situation, we suggest a visit at a quiet time of the day so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

On the other hand, if they’re outgoing we suggest they join in one of our many activities – or come for some lunch. We’d never shoehorn someone into a particular experience.


Lesley Loizou, customer relations manager at Baycroft Grays Farm Road.


Have you found this helps to ease worries?

We’ve had very positive feedback from these trial visits.

At the same time, I’d like to reassure anyone who is considering a visit that it is completely without obligation. Some people might come for multiple visits before deciding to move elsewhere in the end. That’s absolutely fine.

All decisions of this sort should be made carefully and with all the information available. We would always rather that the best decision is made for the resident, whether or not that means choosing Baycroft in the end.

Do you have any advice for families who might be considering a place at Baycroft for their relative?

I’d like to reiterate, really, that you can’t plan ahead too much. Look at a number of options, and think carefully about the choice – put yourself in their shoes.

Sometimes we have come across a decision that has been made for the family, and not for the resident. We strongly advise that the resident’s preferences be the ultimate guiding factor in the final choice, so they come to see us as a lovely home away from home.

It’s a big responsibility, and it can carry quite some weight. We are always happy to support you from the moment you first contact us, through any number of visits that you might like to have before making a final decision, and throughout the stay with us at Baycroft.

You can get in touch with us about arranging a visit, and anything else, here.