Nov 2018: Local SEN school visits Baycroft Grays Farm Road


Last week Riverside, a local Orpington SEN school, visited Baycroft Grays Farm Road for a creative and sociable day.

Pupils from the school on Main Road in Orpington visited Baycroft on Tuesday 6th November and spent their time making Christmas cards together which they then exchanged with each other.

One pupil, who is very interested in becoming a chef in the future, chatted and asked questions about professional cooking with one of the Baycroft chefs.

Research has found how beneficial mixing generations can be for both parties. The emotional impact is huge, but there is also evidence that the physical and mental health improves too.

For example, a Bristol care home, the subject of Channel 4 documentary ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’, found that after spending six weeks with children the mood, mobility and memory of its residents had improved.

Sarah Lockyer, teaching assistant from Riverside school, said:

“We all had an amazing day, pupils and staff included. All of our pupils have been talking about the beautiful residents. They have left a lasting impact on them that they will carry with them forever.”

Based on how beneficial this visit was for everyone, this will become a regular activity. Baycroft will be welcoming these pupils again next month, and the fun, energy and joy they bring with them.