OCT 2019: Birthday messages from far and wide for Dolly’s 100th

Great Baddow

Dolly Packard, resident at Baycroft Great Baddow, turned 100 on 18th September 2019.

100 balloons were released into the air to celebrate the day Dolly was born, 100 years ago.

Each biodegradable balloon had a message attached encouraging those who found the balloon to email their best wishes and centenarian congratulations to Dolly.

A couple of weeks later, some birthday messages were received from balloons that had travelled over land and sea!

The first email was received from East Sussex. Jenny Lucas was walking her boss’s dog Henry, in Hooe, East Sussex when she came across it:

Dear Dolly,

I am so excited to tell you that I have just found your balloon tag on my dog walk!!! 

It has traveled 81 miles to get to me!!! 

I was especially excited as my mum was known as Dolly and was from Chigwell, Essex. Sadly she passed away in 2014, but it was lovely to see the name Dolly on the note 😃

Sending lots and lots of birthday wishes to you Dolly.

Kind regards

Jenny Lucas xxxx

Some of the balloons seemingly managed to travel even further; one in particular reached Normandy in France! A young couple were walking their Dalmatian; he disappeared for a while then reappeared with the note from Dolly! Their response was:

Joyeux Anniversaire à Dolly tout premièrement

Tous mes voeux de bonheur et une bonne santé 

Le Balon rouge est arrivée en France en Normandie près de vire (Calvados) plus exactement au lieu dit " La cornière " landelles et coupigny.

C'est mon chien qui est revenu, votre message tout baveux à la bouche le 2 octobre au soir.

Je serais curieuse de savoir quand vous l'avez envoyé. A quel date ?

En pièce jointe : nous et notre chien qui a ramené le papier.

En attente de votre retour.

Bonne journée 

Which translates to…

Happy Birthday to Dolly firstly

All my wishes of happiness and good health

The Balon rouge arrived in France in Normandy near vire (Calvados) more exactly at the place called "La cornière" landelles and coupigny.

It's my dog ​​who came back, your message very mushy in the mouth on the evening of October 2nd.

I would be curious to know when you sent it. When?

In attachment: we and our dog who brought back the paper.

Waiting for your return.

Have a good day

What a special birthday it was for Dolly!