Moving a loved one in to a care home is one of the biggest decisions you have to make.

We caught up with Sally, who is the daughter of Baycroft Great Baddow residents Amy and Len. Len resides in our Nursing Community and Amy in our Dementia Community. Together with their family, they made the decision to move in to Baycroft Great Baddow at the end of 2019 after Len had a nasty fall, leaving the family sharing caring responsibilities.

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your parents? How long have they been married?

“My parents, Amy and Len, have been married sixty-nine years in July, but have known each other for much longer! They’ll both be turning ninety-two in August, I live nearby in Chelmsford and my younger sister Paula lives in Derbyshire.”

Can you tell me about how your family decided that Baycroft Great Baddow was the best place for your parents? 

“Their move to Baycroft Great Baddow was a joint decision between my parents and the rest of the family. Dad had a nasty fall in July 2019 and broke his femur. His recovery was challenging and Mum was clearly on the Dementia journey.

“The family shared the ‘live in’ caring responsibility of both parents, each with their specific needs, for about five months, but we soon realised, that the arrangement was unsustainable, so at Dad’s suggestion, we made enquiries at Baycroft.”

Did they move in to Baycroft at the same time? Was this a conscious decision?

Mum and Dad moved into Baycroft together on 28th November 2019. Our parents had watched Baycroft being built, as their home was only three miles away! They shopped in Great Baddow and were registered at the local GP Surgery!

How did you find the process from first enquiring to your parents moving in?

“The whole process was very impressive from our initial enquiry to Mum and Dad moving in. The staff were welcoming, warm and reassuring, as well as professional, knowledgeable and efficient. We felt confident that our parents would be well cared for.”

Your parents became residents just before the first lockdown, that must have been so difficult for you as well as them! How did you find not being able to visit them? What communication tools did Baycroft Great Baddow put in place for you?

“Lockdown was very difficult for residents, staff and families alike. It was tough not being able to visit, but we were offered FaceTimes, phone calls and door visits. When restrictions allowed, we were able to use a visiting room too.

“Life is much better for everyone now, as we can visit Mum and Dad in their rooms. At the moment, visitors still have to LFT before a visit and wear a mask during a visit.

“We totally understand that Baycroft are reluctant to completely lift all precautions, due to the vulnerability of the residents. Nevertheless, we all look forward to the day when it’s safe to do so!”