Incredible care is something that every care home aspires to have, but in all of our homes, we do everything we can to make sure the care we offer is a step above the rest.

Whether it’s helping someone recover from an operation, to caring for those living with dementia, we treat every resident as an individual and work hard to tailor our services and support to their specific needs.

As July is #GoodCareMonth, we caught up with Erin Ruck, our General Manager at Baycroft Great Baddow, to chat about the team at Baycroft and what really makes them stand out.

“One of the best things that sets Baycroft apart from other homes is their environments and the attention to detail.

“Our staffing levels are excellent, with our ratios being very high compared to other homes in the area. We also have agency staff on hand to make sure that we always hit that high ratio. By having such high staffing levels, we are able to give the exceptional care that we strive for.”

“We use a fantastic piece of software called Kareinn, it’s great for staff and the seniors to be able to keep track of care plans, we’ve been using it for a while, the company always try to find the best software for their staff to use. It’s also helpful for the family members of our residents, as the staff can access information to keep them updated with any questions or concerns they may have.”

Ensuring that we have the best staff in our homes means that we can really give that attention to detail to every one of our residents, as Erin explains: “We recruit exceptional people to do an exceptional job, our staff really do go above and beyond.

“We have a lady that moved in about a year ago, she came over from Spain which is where she was living, she flew back to be closer to her daughter and to move in to Baycroft Great Baddow. She had a serious pressure sore which prevented her from being mobile. But with the care from our staff and nurses, the wound has now healed and she can explore the home and gardens in a wheelchair.

“Her first day out in the chair was so lovely for everyone to see, it’s like she’s got a new lease of life.”

For more information about the care we offer, visit https://www.baycroft.co.uk/care.