Caring for elderly parents is not always an option, especially if you’re already leading a busy lifestyle and raising a family of your own. Care homes provide a lifeline for those concerned about looking after elderly parents, yet there are many misconceptions about the level of care provided.  People who have little knowledge about care homes in general, frequently misunderstand how staff and carers treat residents, along with the kind of services they provide in UK care homes. So, in this article, we are going to discuss common misconceptions many people still have about care homes and help put your mind at ease if you’re now responsible for caring for elderly parents.

“A care home will not provide the appropriate level of care”

A preconception about care homes is that they are too busy to provide a certain level of care. But this simply isn't the case. The care sector is full of highly trained medical and care professionals who can provide a variety of services, including residential care, nursing care, and dementia care. At Baycroft, we don't just provide care, our professional care personnel are hand-picked based on their excellent clinical expertise and genuine concern for others. Every person is treated as an individual at our care homes, and we make every effort to customise our services and support to empower our residents and enrich their quality of life.

“A care home will take away your independence”

Many people are under the impression that the care sector prevents individuals from living freely, but in truth, a care home makes it simpler for seniors to stay independent. This is made possible via mobility aids as well as emergency assistance buttons that allow older residents to be alone if they choose to. Many seniors and their families benefit from this since it allows them to enjoy an independent lifestyle without their relatives worrying about them hurting themselves when they’re not around.

“Care home residents are lonely”

One of the primary advantages of a care home is that it allows residents to socialise on a daily basis, yet one of the most common misconceptions about care homes is that residents are lonely. Thankfully, this isn't the case at Baycroft: our residents interact with other residents and staff on a daily basis. There are a wide range of amenities available, such as a hair salon and activity room, and our residents can also indulge in gardening, watch a movie at our cinema, and take part in a social calendar of activities and games. And when you have family and friends visiting you, there is also a children's entertainment room, so your loved ones can be comfortable and entertained, making your time together as enjoyable as possible.

“A care home will impact your health”

This is a total misunderstanding. Many residents of care homes are physically active and in good health. An elderly family members’ health might quickly deteriorate if they are not provided with the amount of care they need, which can be provided in a care facility. Allowing seniors to move into a care home that provides health and social assistance can, in many cases, allow them to enjoy a longer and more fulfilled life, something that may not be possible when living alone.

“Loved ones aren’t allowed to visit as much as they like”

If you are currently caring for elderly parents and considering a care home placement, you might be worrying that you will be severely restricted in your ability to see them. Well, at Baycroft family time is a top priority since it uplifts our residents' mood and overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. So, we communicate with the relatives of those under our care to ensure frequent visits can be planned.

If you are looking after elderly parents and thinking about a care home, we hope to have put your mind at ease about some of the common misconceptions about care homes. At Baycroft we fully appreciate that making the decision to enter permanent care can be a challenging time. Our ethos is very person-centred, so from the initial point of contact, we adapt to the individual. We are always glad to help you from the time you contact us, through any number of visits you may choose to make before making a final decision as a prospective resident or on behalf of a loved one.