JAN 2021: Baycroft Flitwick receives first vaccine dose

On Friday 22nd January, residents and staff received their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at Baycroft care home in Flitwick.

A wonderful team of three from Flitwick Surgery visited to administer the first dose to all those residents and staff who were willing and able to receive it.

With Covid outbreaks rising to levels not seen since May last year in care homes, there was a need for a rapid acceleration of vaccinations. And as some of the first people in the country to be receiving these vaccines, residents and staff felt responsible to promote their reasons for having it.

Paul Buckle, general manager at Baycroft Flitwick said: 
“Our residents and staff have been some of the most affected people during this pandemic, so they were really keen to display the reasons why they chose to have the vaccine to hopefully help encourage others to do the same, when their time comes around.” 

The theme of the messages were around wanting to protect friends and family and be close to them once again. Some staff who were originally unsure about getting the vaccine, changed their minds based on seeing these messages from the residents and then seeing them all getting it done. These messages were then shared on social media.

Flitwick surgery will return to the home in April to administer the second dose as well as lift spirits and hopes of all at Baycroft Flitwick.