JAN 2020: How care can be personal

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Care should be personal. Here’s why.

At Baycroft, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality of care. That means that we treat every individual’s needs in a way that’s tailored to them – because everybody is different.

Sadly, the story doesn’t always sound like this. A worrying number of older people are staying in hospital for lengthy periods of time after admission, far longer than they need to be there. As many as 40,000 people admitted to hospital with dementia stay for a month.

Because of a lack of community care services, individuals aren’t always able to leave hospital and go to a place for specialised and individual care. The Alzheimer’s Society has issued a special plea for action on this issue.

What do we do differently?

Every person with dementia should have their individual needs taken into account when it comes to their care. We always treat every single resident as unique: and we believe that this should be a no-brainer. Everyone should be treated with dignity.

In practice, this means that we have developed specialised services so that we can cater for all our residents. For those with dementia, we offer care for those suffering from every stage of the disease.

All of our staff are highly qualified and are exceptional care providers, deliberately for their caring natures. They never stop learning, as we provide them with ongoing training to keep their skills refreshed.

This is especially necessary when it comes to caring for a person with dementia. All our staff are trained ‘Dementia Friends’, and we always make sure that the care we provide is on a person-to-person basis.

The care we provide  

We’re proud of our dedicated dementia suites, which have been designed specifically as a bespoke environment for our residents who are living with dementia.

The design of a room is incredibly important when it comes to managing life with dementia. At our homes, we’ve created a space that promotes peace, quiet and calm for all our residents. Our specially designed dementia care facilities also include interactive activities, like multi-sensory wall art. (Stimulation through the senses helps 74% of people with dementia to improve motor performance).

We also offer respite care. This is a useful option for a person who has come out of hospital, but perhaps isn’t quite ready to go back home just yet. If your loved one needs support over a short period of time, they can come to Baycroft and be looked after to the highest standards of care.

After all, the best care should always be focused on the individual.

For an example of the person centred care we provide at Baycroft , check out our activity coordinator at Baycroft Flitwick providing outstanding care to one one of our residents.