JAN 2020: Gadgets for seniors

Some of the best inventions for older people can make a huge difference to their quality of life. Whether it’s a radio with simplified dials, or a doorbell attached to a camera, some innovations really are worth their weight in gold.

Automatic jar opener

When arthritis gets the best of us, routine tasks like opening tins and jars can become incredibly painful. An electric option will do the task with ease, and with no strain to joints.

Voice-activated home assistant

A tool like Amazon’s Alexa, or Google’s Echo, can be very helpful around the house. Even for simple tasks. You can set reminders, check your calendar, listen to audio books and play music – and the ability to use it via voice can be practical for older people who might not be used to other software.

Robot vacuum cleaner

These little cleaners are no bigger than a cushion, but can wander round the home keeping it spick and span. No need for regular vacuuming yourself, and it can get under chairs where some vacuums won’t reach! That said, bear in mind the possibility that it could be a trip hazard for an older person with poor eyesight.

Anti-tremor cutlery

This brilliant invention is perfect for anyone who suffers from tremors, and finds it difficult to use cutlery to eat. A mechanism in the device stabilises any shake so that it moves far less than the hand does, helping the user to feed themselves without difficulty.

Automatic pill dispenser

This handy device can keep track of which pills to take on which day, by storing them in pre-labelled compartments for each day of the week. They might be especially helpful for anybody who has trouble with their memory.

Simplified radio

Whether listening intently to a programme or keeping it on for background noise, a radio is a lovely thing for an older person to have. Some are specifically designed to be simple, with clear buttons and a large font to make them easier to use.

Electronic key finder

This isn’t a device that’s solely useful for the elderly – we’ve all misplaced something we had in our hands moments ago. An electronic key finder, like those made by the brand Tile, connect to smartphones and show you via GPS where your lost item is hidden.

Large button mobile phones or landlines

The small, fiddly buttons on mobile phones can be difficult for those with limited dexterity in their hands. Some mobile phones have now been specifically created for older people, with large and easy-to-use buttons and a simplified design. Similarly, some landlines have a speed-dial option that puts photos of the individuals to contact in place of numbers.

Doorbell with camera attachment

For peace of mind, a doorbell with a built-in camera can be invaluable. This allows you to see who’s outside without coming to the door at all, and can be a useful tool for anyone who may feel concerned about strangers coming to the house.

We hope some of these suggestions might be useful for you. Have you come across any gadgets for seniors that we might have missed? If so, drop us a line and tell us which devices have made a difference for you.