FEB 2021: Love is in the air and spring is on the way

As February draws to a close, we’re all delighted to feel the temperature outside rising. Buds are appearing on trees and bushes while, below, crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops are bringing colour to our gardens. We’re seeing a lot more bird activity, too, as they start trying to attract a mate and start to think about building a nest. What’s not to love? And here at Baycroft, we like to think of February as the month of love; it’s not just for Valentine’s Day!

It’s important for us to make the most of special days. Friendships bloom in our homes more frequently than new love blossoms, but Valentine’s Day is always an occasion to mark.

Which means our arts and crafts groups adopt that love theme with gusto! Hearts and flowers feature in abundance and the results can be seen in dining rooms and conservatories. They look amazing and offer a real boost!

Of course, it also means lots of nostalgia around the way we found love in times gone past, when courting was perhaps a slower and more formal process. Most of our residents agree that Valentine’s Day is a commercial machine now, that there wasn’t the disposable income in their youth to spend on cards and suchlike. It was often a great excuse to make a special meal. And our residents, with all those years of experience of married life, have plenty of advice to give the younger generations looking for love! Above all, that love is feeling comfortable and happy, and how important it is to be sure you know your partner extremely well before taking that walk down the wedding aisle. Disagreements happen in the happiest of relationships, but everyone here agrees that it’s best not to go to sleep on an argument – always make the effort to make up. A strong relationship is based on mutual trust and consideration and we should always be ‘there’ for one another – not just when we’re needed most, but for the daily ups and downs too.

Which is just as true of friendship, of course, as well as the way we approach care at Baycroft. Trust is everything; sharing the simple pleasures as much as the big occasions; and always being mindful of the feelings and needs of others.

As we move into March, and hopeful about the vaccination programme and an easing of restrictions as the year progresses, we’re looking forward to seeing the return of our families and friends – outside at first, as the birds and bees bring the beauty of spring to our homes!