Clare is the manager at Baycroft Kempston, and is getting ready for its grand opening in the autumn. We find out what she’s most looking forward to, where she’d like to explore in Bedfordshire, and who she’d invite to her dream dinner party…

Hi Clare. Can you tell us a bit about your work before you came to Baycroft?

Hi! I’ve always worked in a care-providing role. I’m a registered nurse, and have been for 24 years. I’ve worked in later-life care for ten years, and five years before that with young adults with special needs.

What drew you to Baycroft?

I love the idea of being involved in the earliest stages of a new Baycroft residence. I couldn’t miss the chance of being able to build a bespoke service, and a home that’s really unique.

I think the best part of Baycroft is the emphasis that we put on individuals – we really want to be a positive part of people’s lives. We can create a home away from home, a place where our residents can feel independent even while being supported.

This stage of life doesn’t have to be seen as the final chapter, it will be the best chapter!


What are some of the plans you have for the home once it’s opened?

There’s a lot to do, but it’s all exciting.

I’m really looking forward to organising a whole range of activities for our residents, and helping them to be out and about as much as possible. They’ll never be confined to just our four walls.

Do you have any day trips in mind?

Yes! This will actually be the closest I’ve ever lived to where I work, so I know the area well.

Bedfordshire has so many fantastic possibilities for a day out. There’s Woburn Safari Park, the Shuttleworth museum, and Whipsnade Zoo. We’re also close to Bletchley Park, which is only 20 minutes away from us and I’m sure will be interesting for many of our residents.

There’s so much to explore with our residents.

That sounds great. One final question… which three people would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Well, I’d have to start with Boy George! I was such a fan of Culture Club when I was a teenager, so I couldn’t leave him out.

Then I’d invite Margot Fonteyn. She was a ballerina, and I’d ask her because I’ve loved ballet ever since my daughter asked me to take her to a show when she was four! My daughter is a dancer now, so it would be very special to meet Margot.

I also love going to the theatre. If you can’t find me, chances are I’m online looking for tickets to another show!

Lastly, I’d invite Margaret Thatcher to the dinner party. She was the prime minister when I was growing up, and my parents were quite conservative. Now I’m an adult I’d take the chance to question her on some of her policies!

That’s quite a combination! Thanks for talking to us, Clare.