A.C., Resident

‘’I came to Baycroft a few weeks ago and I think it is lovely.

I have enjoyed watching the musicals on the TV; the music and dancing has made me happy.

I would be happy to stay here again.’’


Tracy, Relative

'' We had been recommended this care home for its nursing capabilities and we were not disappointed.

Respite care for two weeks turned into a permanent residency.

The visiting doctor immediately diagnosed my mother's problem and her recovery soon came.

The staff are kindness itself.

They are attentive to her needs and there is a consistency of staff on the dementia unit which is an obvious asset.

I treat this as my second home as all the staff are so welcoming.''


A.G, Resident

''My first impression of Baycroft was my room, which is beautifully decorated.

The staff are very nice.

I sold my large house in Australia to come back to England where I resided with my daughter.

Being here I like that I have my own space and time. I have met a few of the other residents, who are pleasant.

The staff are wonderful and treat me with kindness.

If I wanted to join in activities, there is plenty to do but I am enjoying spending time in my room.  I do enjoy a chat with the staff.''


J.C, resident

''Fairfield is a very nice place, and the food is excellent. S

taff are all very nice and handy.

Staff are helpful and kind. My room is lovely with the peace and quiet I like.

The activities is jolly and friendly, I use to create posters for my local church, so I will help activities to create one for an event, I look forward to that.''


J.G., Resident

''When I first came it was a lovely place and my daughter liked it too.

Staff are very helpful and kind to me.

I miss home but I feel very comfortable here, it’s nice to be looked after and I am very grateful.''


Ciprian, staff member

"I have been at Baycroft Fairfield for only two weeks. I met this lovely team who have supported me to accommodate very quickly. Staff initiated with the resident’s routine and individual needs. I enjoy working here, it is a lovely, relaxed environment. And I definitely made the right decision to except the care vacancy."


A, Resident

"When I first came to Baycroft I felt a little bit lost because I had never been to a place like this before for myself, only for my late husband. Eventually I have really enjoyed my time here so far.

Everyone is so friendly, kind and smiley. I like the routines every day and the food is great, the service is very nice. Activities makes me laugh and has really helped me with my confidence, I now join in with the other residents and have fun. I am only here for two weeks; it has been very pleasant and I would definitely come again."


G.O, Resident

‘’Firstly, it looked a very nice building, there was not lots of people around, but I was welcomed with kindness and care.

The management and staff are very good at communicating. The inside was comfortable and homely.

The rooms are nicely appointed and spacious. The room are also central led around the gardens which I love.

Having been here for a while I’ve come to look forward to mealtime, the food is very well presented and tasty. I enjoy doing the garden with activities and the exercise.

I feel happy here and I would recommend Fairfield to my friends.’’


I.F., Resident

‘’It’s a very nice place, the staff are nice the administrative team are helpful, and the carer are nice. It’s kept very clean; the chef Keith is very good.

People ask me if I feel at home at Fairfield and I tell them I am very comfortable here and I like the routine when I close my eyes and listen to Bob Dylan in my room; it’s perfect.’’


Joy Jasper, Resident

‘’When I first came to Fairfield Baycroft it was better than I ever expected.

I thought I had walked into a beautiful hotel it was wonderful.

The staff are kind and amazing, they really do care and know what they are doing.

The food is excellent. I couldn’t eat the food at the other place I stayed as I have a swallowing problem but, at Fairfield the chef Keith understood and knows what I eat.

He prepares the meals especially for my consumption. I have a few friends here that I knew previously, and I have made many new more.

I would recommend Fairfield to any of my friends.’’


Pauline, Resident

‘When I first came to Baycroft Fairfield I thought it was very impressive and welcoming.

I think it’s a lovely place to stay.

The activities are great, she sat with me and spent time with me because I’ve been in bed, so I had a lovely afternoon and really appreciated it.

From my experience the management are very good to me and caring.

I would recommend it to other people.’


JS, Resident

''The initial welcome was very warm and encompassing.

The rooms were beautifully prepared to please individual needs of prospective residents.

The standard of food quality was nothing short of miraculous.''


Alan, Resident

‘’My name is Alan. I arrived at Baycroft less than a week ago and I am thinking of how lovely this place is. I was welcomed by lovely people.

I also had my nails manicured by the activities lady, who she is a very joyful lady and definitely in the right job.

The care staff are wonderful; I wouldn’t single any of them out they, all have the same value. They are very helpful, nothing of what I ask is too much trouble.

My family are happy that I have settled in so well.’’


John, Resident

‘’My name is John and I only arrived at Baycroft on 17th February 2022.

My stay here will be for three months, and everything so far is very satisfactory.

There are lots of activities, the food is good with a good choice of courses and there is a good choice of beer and spirits.

The staff are very helpful and will move me about in my wheelchair to different facilities if I want to.’’


Betty Conrad, Resident

“I have been at Baycroft Fairfield for two years now, it was a decision I made myself.

The time had come for me needing more help.

I knew I had done the right thing and was impressed with the care and kindness I received from day one.

Over the two years my health has deteriorated so I definitely made the right choice.

The food is fantastic, the only  problem is I am putting on weight!!!

The grounds are lovely and my room is very comfortable.

I love the staff they are like a second family to me.

Activities is fantastic and never pushes anyone to do anything, just encourages.

The carers are so helpful, patient and understanding.

I would recommend Fairfield to anyone.

Especially if you live on your own as I have made some lovely friends.”


Patricia Bell, Resident

“I moved from Cromer to be nearer my family and started my journey at Baycroft Kempston.

After a short time I moved to on to Charter House, then found my forever home at Baycroft Fairfield.

I settled here straight away and have been happy ever since. The meals are delicious and the staff are a great team.

I enjoy the activities and there is no pressure if I don’t feel like joining in.

Our activities lady makes our time really enjoyable, keeping us in touch with feast days and creating decorations for each occasion.

I would recommend Fairfield to the queen.”


Sarah, Daughter of resident

''I want to say how fantastic all the staff have been in caring for my dad. There was always a so much compassion and kindness in every one of you and my dad was really happy with the care and interaction he had there. I also have had such a wonderful experience of all the staff. Everyone always had time to talk to me and visiting was a cathartic time as my life is so busy the rest of the time!

The last few days have been hard but the staff have been amazing and I just want to hug them all!

I feel Baycroft was the closest to dying at home that Dad could have had. It felt warm and comforting to have ended his life there and I am glad he didn't end up in hospital.

A big thank you to you all, you have made a difficult time so much more bearable.

Please thank Donna who stayed late last night waiting for me to come back and see Dad after he passed away. A simple gesture that I really appreciated.''


Brian Richards, Relative

''On behalf of my family and myself I would like to thank you and all the staff at Baycroft for your kindness and consideration during Vanessa’s stay and during her passing,

With special thanks to Donna,Thomas, Jaicy and George.

Brian Richards and family''


Patrick Page – Phlebotomist

“This care home is outstanding, 5 star.”


Verena Jarvis – Foot Health Practioner

“Very welcoming, all staff are friendly and always helpful, high level of patient care.

Fairfield has extensive and modern décor throughout offering their patients a very high standard of accommodation and care.''


Kelly Dockrie – Community Nurse

“Very friendly greeting, smiley and pleasant, staff are professional, treated residents with dignity and respect.''


Clare Caton – Community Nurse

“Polite staff, patients are well looked after.”


Ben Risby – Physiotherapist

“Always greeted well in the home, very friendly, staff are always approachable.”


Ruth Mullins – Tissue Viability Nurse

“Jaicy is very knowledgeable about her patients.”


Silje Vaboe – Dietician, Bedford Hospital

“Greeted very well and seen quickly.  

Facilities were very nice and clean.

Relaxing environment, clinical staff nice and friendly.''