July 2018: Meet Lynda Morgan, Baycroft care assistant

Lynda is a care assistant at our Great Baddow home. Here, she talks us through the journey that led her to Baycroft, what she’s learned so far and why deep sea divers have a lot to teach us…

How long have you worked with Baycroft?

I’ve been at the Great Baddow home for four months now. But I’m a real local –I’ve lived in the area since I was 17.

I’ve not been long in the job but I feel like I’ve really built up a great bond with the rest of the staff. I call us the A-Team!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

There are lots of things, really.

I love how the job is about building trust and making people feel comfortable, even in moments that could be slightly undignified. It’s so important – they’ve left their own homes and some of the residents rely on me completely.

It’s an absolute pleasure and an honour to help them. I feel like I’ve got a real purpose. One of the residents even said to me: “I’m so happy here, thanks to you.” That kind of comment makes it all worthwhile.

And building trust goes for the residents’ families too – that’s another part of the job I love. Families can rest assured that their loved ones are being looked after 24-7.

Any unexpected perks?

 It keeps me fit. I’m thinking of getting a pedometer to track all the steps I take while I’m working. Definitely no need to go to the gym.

Although that good work is sometimes undone when I get to sample all the delicious cakes on offer!

I’m really proud of the training I’ve had with the job. I’m 70 now and I love the fact I’m still learning and achieving so much.


Lynda Morgan


Where were you working before Baycroft?

I actually gave up work 12 years ago. Before that I was a national account manager for an electrical company. I gave up work to look after my mother. Then my husband also got cancer so I looked after him until he died.

It was then that I realised I had a passion for caring for people and I wanted to put that to use.

What’s the key to a happy care home?

If you have happy team, that leads to happy residents.

There’s nothing I won’t do to muck in and help out. Going the extra mile makes a real difference.

The other day, one of the residents asked me to buy a No7 pink lipstick because she had run out. It was my day off but I felt it would be much nicer to get on a bus together and go to Boots to get one.

Any final words of wisdom?

I remember once when I was younger, I went deep sea diving. The instructor said to me “If you panic, you’re dead.” That always stuck with me – I never forgot it. Always try to keep calm under pressure.

As well as that, I truly believe that keeping active is the key to living longer.

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