Nutrition & Special Dining

Hospitality Management and Head chefs undertake continuous training and development to ensure specific needs and special conditions are catered for in the same fashion as the regular diner. It takes knowledge, patience and attention to detail to ensure requirements are exceeded.


Nutrition & Hydration

It is acknowledged that within the care sector some residents will have specific health needs that may impact on their nutrition.

As people age, their requirements change, but a good diet and keeping active can help prevent potential health problems and play a key part in ageing well.

A healthy diet is one based on a variety of foods eaten in the correct proportions to provide the correct amount of energy (calories) and nutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals). Our chefs ensure that our menus provide adequate nutrition every day to maintain body processes and contribute to wellbeing and happiness.

At Baycroft we take nutrition and hydration very seriously and incorporate it cleverly in our residents daily meal intake. Seasonality and highest quality of food produce is the foundation for quality health meal as well as the understanding of individual requirements.


Dysphagia and Dementia Dining

For many of us, the way food is cooked, presented and served as well as the surroundings and the company in which it is consumed all add to the satisfaction and enjoyment of having a meal.
This is equally important for a person with specific condition such as Dementia or Dysphagia.
A good meal experience can have a positive impact on their health and sense of wellbeing. The dining environment and the menu requirement must be fully adapted to present comfort, confidence and encourage enjoyable meal.
Our Chefs specialise at development facilities to ensure regulations around Dysphagia and Fortified foods are fully embraced.
We invest in the latest service and kitchen equipment to further contribute to these special needs and aim to be a step ahead at all times.


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