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Digitising Our Kitchen

At Baycroft we have implemented a environmentally friendly kitchen management system called “Saffron” which completely removes the use of paper in the modern kitchen.

The system also allows our chefs to personalise recipes and create dietary plans as well as to build Baycroft recipes database across our portfolio of homes.

The system is fully CQC compatible and contributes to consistently delivering the required standards and provide person Cantered Care Plans.

We rely on accurate database of food items from our suppliers and use this data to closely analyse the nutritional balance, the cost and most importantly the quality of our meals.


Sustainable food supply chain

Quality of our produce plays paramount role for the wellbeing of our residents. Seasonality and bespoke approach is what we have praise ourselves in when it comes to achieving this.

We have partnered with National as well as very Local suppliers to strengthen the link between our local communities and encourage British produce.

Our chefs work tirelessly to build relationship with the local farms and producers and bring the field to the table. This adds and value to our residents lives and brings the engagement factor to life and makes them happy.


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