See below our FAQ’s which we hope answers all the queries you may have. However, if you have any further questions, get in touch and we would be happy to assist.

Residential care - we provide residential care to those who do not need 24-hour nursing care but are unable to live independently. If you are perhaps struggling with cooking your meals or doing your laundry or would just benefit from being around like-minded people in a luxurious environment. Nursing care - for those with complex healthcare needs which cannot be provided for at home due to requiring specialist 24-hour care. This includes rehabilitative care (those who have suffered a stroke) or conditions such as Parkinson's, motor neurone disease or multiple schlerosis. Dementia care - All Baycroft homes specialise in caring for those residents with either early onset dementia or those at the later stages of the illness. Residents are looked after in safe, caring environments where all our staff are specifically trained to be able to manage the changing needs. All our homes will have a dedicated floor or cluster for resident's living with the later stages of dementia. These areas are designed against Stirling University's dementia design audit tool to ensure the environment and architecture is as dementia friendly as possible. Respite care - this option is available if you have recently spent some time in hospital and are not quite ready to return back home quite yet, or to provide a crucial break for your existing carer.

Costs will start at £1300 per week. The weekly charge will depend on your room type and the level of care you require

This cost includes all of your care, food, facilities and activities. Anything else such as a visit from the physiotherapist, this will be costed on an individual basis.

You can get in touch with us via the enquiry form, find the home's phone number via the contact page or their location page or email us directly on info@baycroft.co.uk.

This would be reviewed on a case by case basis. It would depend on what pet you wish to bring with you and the ability you would have to care for it.

Within reason. You can bring photographs, artwork and trinkets but we have installed fitted furniture that is in keeping with the room style and colour scheme so it is best for your comfort and enjoyment to be kept this way.

No. The average age is around 80 years old, but residents are assessed on their care needs rather than age.

When you arrive, you will be consulted on your dietary requirements and tastes to ensure your needs will be met. You will be free to either eat within one of our restaurants or within the comfort of yur own room.

Yes. If you do have a visitor who would like to stay with us, we would advise you to let us know at your earliest convenience to ensure the room is available.

There are no visiting hours. Your guests are free to visit whenever they like.

Yes of course! In most of our homes, you will also have the option of utilising interconnecting rooms to give you a bit of extra space.

We offer short term stays for respite purposes in the event that you require a bit of additional care for a short period of time. Or if you are considering moving in to a Baycroft home and would like to get a better feel of the place, this can also be arranged.

There will be designated smoking areas at all our homes.

We will organise the registration process for you, however if you would prefer to keep your existing doctor, we can arrange for them to visit.

All the medication that you require will be covered within your weekly fees. We have established close links with the local pharmacy to ensure they are delivered as and when required.