Oct 2018: Great Baddow reaches top spot on carehome.co.uk!

Great Baddow

Baycroft Great Baddow has reached the number one spot in the carehome.co.uk ratings within their first twelve months of opening!

The home, which opened in January of this year, is now ranked first out of 50 homes in the Chelmsford area. It has a Review Score of 9.9 out of 10 and an Average Rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 40 Reviews over all.

The ranking of the profile on all search result pages is determined by the carehome.co.uk ranking algorithm, which is currently calculated using a combination of the Review Score and Subscription Level.

The number one ranking is testament to the high regard in which the home is held amongst residents, relatives and visitors alike. The home’s profile features 40 reviews allowing potential residents and their families to get a good feel of the home and what it’s like to stay there.

You can also view photos, read about latest news and events and look at current staff profiles.

Wendy Twydell, Customer Relations Manager at the home, said:

“We are delighted that this ranking recognises the positive perceptions of those we care for and come into contact with. It demonstrates the high standard of care and the fantastic facilities we provide within the Chelmsford area.”

To view Baycroft Great Baddow’s carehome.co.uk profile, click on the link below: